Hi! I’m Méia, thank you being here.

High With Life was born out my desire to share my journey. My journey from restless mind to focused mind. From fatigued to frisky. From brain fog to clarity.
Step by step, day Summer 2017 188by day, little changes. Asking myself what would be loving to my mind and my body, I slowly transformed my lifestyle. I am by no means “there yet”, but well, I don’t believe there is a “there” I must get to. We are all a fabulous work in progress, and there is always something more to reach for. All I know is that feeling good is fantastic, having energy feels incredible, and that I always want to feel this way.
So be good to yourself, be good to your body, and remember that there is no formula that “fits all”. This is why you must trust yourself, and follow your own guidance when it comes to your lifestyle. Try things, experiment, and see what makes you feel good. Feeling good is the goal, and not following a specific lifestyle. Free yourself and eat well, really well. Meditation, creativity, appreciation, wholesome foods and a variety of fermented deliciousness are my go to goods for happiness. I wonder what yours are! Whatever they are, I just hope they make you happy.

Love Who You Are!
xoxo Méia