The Tortilla Experience

I love tacos. I love guacamole. And I love to make a delicious topping with chopped tomatoes and onions with olive oil, salt and pepper. So the time was right for me to try low carb baking for the first time.  One of my main goals has been to eat nutrient dense, whole foods, as natural as possible, so I hadn’t tried to bake yet.  I knew the time would come as I had already researched on how to make keto bread. Yes, I know that every now and then I am going to want a toasted bread with lots (and I truly mean this), lots of butter.

So my first trial was the above tortillas. I used the recipe found here. It turned out pretty well, and as long as you use parchment paper, it works great (turns out I ran out of parchment paper and tried on oiled aluminum foil, and yeah, well, that doesn’t work). The tortillas are tasty, and if you spread them thin, they look and feel like the real deal. They are a bit eggy, but that is fine with me. My taco was delicious, and I was happy with the result. However, I tried a lettuce leaf as a tortilla right after, and you know what? I like it better. The lettuce leaf really wrapped well around my taco goodies, and it was fresh, light, and I totally got hooked. And then I don’t have to bake.  Win, win.

But then… I have to try this recipe. A low carb taco shell made entirely of cheddar cheese. Seriously, I can’t let this one pass me by. So there you have it, next time we have taco night at home, we will be trying cheddar cheese taco shells. I live in Wisconsin, so Cheddar cheese is a member of my family pretty much.

And before I forget, I did try the keto bread, and it was fantastic. I followed the recipe found here, and added Cheddar cheese, and a “bit” of Parmesan. My daughter loved it, and that makes me happy. You can pretty much make any variation you want with this low carb bread/muffin, and it is so, so fast.

More experiments on the way… I am learning so much from a lot of amazing people. It blows my mind how many people out there are creating recipes/sharing ideas that help so many others. Changing my lifestyle has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Food can heal, and real/whole food is the remedy.  The intention is to feel well, energetically, mentally, spiritually. I feel like a whole new world has just opened in front of me… and I am moving forward, day by day, bite by bite.


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