The Keto High

I’m eating lots of coconut oil… lol

I have to start this post by adding that it it is a huge surprise for me that I want so badly to write about food and its impact on health.  For my whole life, people talking about health/food and all their bla bla bla always drove me insane.  I was the one that rolled my eyes when someone started telling me about their paleo or gluten free lifestyle. It was my pet peeve (probably because I met so many people along the way that were all bout talking, and they needed me to agree with them, but… still, I wasn’t the nicest about it).  So here I am, as humble as humble can be, writing my own “food for health” story.  I don’t believe that the same diet works for everyone. We are unique beings, in every way. So I will never find necessary that others either like or follow the lifestyle I have chosen for me.  Sharing it, however, has become a desire for me.  And when desire knocks on the door, we all know it… follow your heart!

It hasn’t been too long yet since I started following a Keto lifestyle (high fat, low carb).  I am somewhat open about it, and try not to be so strict as to find myself “dieting”. Dieting is not the goal here, health is.  The reasons I started are:

  • Low energy levels after meals
  • Irritability, mood swings (totally food related, I knew)
  • Frequent trips to the potty
  • Unbalanced/ unstable bloood sugar (the reason for some of the other feelings)
  • Fatigue (not alarming, but it was present)
  • Bloating after meals
  • Feeling “hangry” way too often
and delicious spinach.

And after only a month or so of ditching sugars and starches out the door, here’s the aftermath – the benefits I feel, so far:

  • Even, amazing energy throughout the day
  • Lower insulin levels/ blood sugar levels
  • Better sleep
  • Mood is balanced, even, irritability is gone
  • Metabolism is balanced
  • Less trips to the potty
  • Increased focus
  • Increased confidence in my body and what it tells me
  • Better feelings/ no energy crash after meals
  • And many more…

So yeah, no wonder I’m delighted with this lifestyle.  But honestly, the one reason this feels like the optimal way to go for me is this: focus.  Increased focus. Even focus, clarity, all day long. Maybe this is the way my body is telling me: thank you, now let’s use our energy for better purposes.  And this is why I call this my “Keto High” life: it makes me feel high with life.  High with life energy, all day long.  Organically, naturally, just by eating the right foods for me.

Well – let’s see what today brings!

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